Research and Development in ICT and Electronics

Communication Networks

Communication Networks
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • IP service quality control
  • MPLS
  • IoT Protocols (ILoRa, NB-IoT, etc.)
  • Wi-Fi, LTE, CDMA
  • Application Protocols (UCP, SMPP, MMS, etc.)
  • 4G/5G network development
  • Simulation techniques of the lectrical network of telecommunications networks
  • Network management algorithms
  • Virtualisation and RAN as a service
  • Intelligent and decentralized algorithms for secure vehicle communications
  • Protocols for content dissemination in 5G vehicular networks
  • Intelligent reputation systems
  • Data acquisition and performance systems
  • Low cost detection and performance solutions for energy efficiency


  • Platform for assessing vulnerabilities in the face of Social Engineering attacks
  • Design of cybersecurity policies and plans
  • Security analysis of systems and networks
  • Intrusion tests
  • Intrusion detection for cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructures
  • Analysis and intrusions’ impact prediction
  • Collecting and forensic analysis of intrusion evidence
  • Identification of causes, timelines and recommendations to response to incidents
  • Voting systems
  • Information sharing systems with cryptographic access control
  • Distributed integrity registration and contract enforcement systems (blockchain)
  • Computing and reliability (Multi-party secure computation protocols)

Enterprise Computing

SMEs Digital Transformation

Focused on the digital transformation of society, we investigate business models, strategies, products, services and organisational processes in order to enhance the opportunities created by new digital technologies.

As there is not yet a comprehensive framework for digital transformation, INOV carries out applied research to develop a framework that supports this transformation in public organisations and SMEs.

We aim to create a framework with an open research approach in which any Portuguese company or public organisation can participate.

Cyber-physical Systems

  • Development of applications using FPGA and ASIC
  • FPGA software development
  • Reprogrammable mixed hardware applications (analog and digital)
  • Embedded system solutions for remote sensing with local decision making
  • Sensing and information collection for industrial equipment (Industry 4.0)
  • IoT protocols for various applications
  • Communications to support remote monitoring and IoT

Remote Monitoring

  • Automatic event detection (e.g. forest fires)
  • Detection of vehicles and people in safety areas
  • Object classification and detection
  • Hyper-spectral analysis sensors with applicability in ​​agriculture and agribusiness, and in ​​health for non-intrusive sensing
  • Solutions for industrial application and long-distance laser signal control and correction algorithms


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