Integrated large area video surveillance system


CICLOPE is a wildfire monitoring system with automatic detection of emerging fires and instantaneous first response trigger. It supports decision-making in wildfire management allowing an efficient allocation of resources during firefighting.

CICLOPE is a building block system designed to operate in any location and territory size and is composed of two main elements:

  • Surveillance and Data Acquisition Towers
  • Control and Management Centers
Timely and reliable information on fighting rural fires

The automatic and adaptive detection of fire spots allows the identification of smoke columns, hot spots or flames, during the day and night time, even under more adverse conditions such as fog. Remote monitoring, with real-time information based on georeferenced video streaming, provides fire-fighting forces timely notifications with accurate incident location.

Innovative fire detection technology

A real-time surveillance system offering a set of integrated possibilities, in which connectivity (IoT) integrates Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Augmented Analytics (AA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling fire-fighting forces to simultaneously manage several occurrences, supporting the efficient allocation of resources.

Detection of forest fires and decision support in firefighting

Remote monitoring system for forest/rural fires, providing automatic detection of emerging outbreaks and allowing for quick and adequate first response. Support for decision making in forest fire management, assisting in the efficient allocation of resources during the fires. CICLOPE is a fully scalable system designed to operate anywhere, regardless of the size of the territory.

CICLOPE Coverage, 2023:

»144 Remote Monitoring Towers
»+50 Management and Control Centers
»4,000,000 hectares of Area Covered
»45% of mainland Portugal

In July of 2023, CICLOPE achieved notable recognition by being prominently featured on the esteemed Portuguese television program, “Falar Global.”


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