Bio-economy & Biodiversity
Sensors and process automation in food production and crop development monitoring, promoting biodiversity.
Large area monitoring, incident detection and support to decision making in environmental protection and emergency response.
Medical and well-being diagnostic solutions based on physical, environmental and clinical sensors.
Advanced Communications and software applications for Big Data processing and information visualisation.
Internet of Things, data science, sensors and communication networks applied to production process improvement.
Digital transformation of business models, strategies, products, services and organisational processes.
Safety and Security
Advanced systems in decision support with automated anomaly detection. Remote monitoring with real-time image, video and LIDAR processing.
Research in cybersecurity. Intrusion and incident detection and impact analysis. Security auditing of processes and IT infrastructures.

Mobile communications for cellular systems from 2G to 5G and beyond. Wireless communications including WiFi and Fixed Wireless Access.

Network design and management, including resources, Quality of Service, mobility and performance evaluation. Management of radio interfaces and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Research, Technology and Innovation

We research, develop and implement innovative solutions in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Electronics to improve organisational performace and competitiveness.

Communication Networks


Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Computing

Cyber-physical Systems

Remote Monitoring

Innovation and Partnership

We work based on in-depth knowledge in our field areas and technologies, with a team of researchers and specialised technical staff and through an established partnership network.
R&D projects to which we bring our management skills and technological demonstration capacity to enhance the impact of science and technology.
Applied research to present advanced solutions, ready to be taken to market by our clients.
Solutions tested in operational environment and auditing and consulting services to support companies’ competitiveness.



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