Monitoring Solutions


The Strategic Area of Monitoring, Navigation and Control (AMNC) integrates INOV expertise in Remote Monitoring, Assisted Navigation and Control Systems; it encompasses actions in the domains of Applied Research, Consulting, Design, and System Development.

The technological background necessary for conducting activity in these domains was acquired in the Technology Transfer Centres of INESC, created in the early 90s with the support of the Strategic Programme for Developing the Portuguese Industry PEDIP II. It is from there that the Area of MNC originates. For more than two decades, several relevant projects with strong institutional and national impact were carried out, along with the research and technology developments for companies. The systems MONICAP and CICLOPE are of particular merit; their bases are part and parcel of INOV, thereby ensuring their continuous development and, most importantly, fixing resources and knowledge in the areas associated with these systems.

The principal sectors, for which the Area of Monitoring, Navigation and Control is oriented, providing solutions for Monitoring and Remote Control, are: the Public Sector, including entities linked to the Environment, Forestry, Civil Protection, Agriculture & Fisheries, and Security Forces. The Sector of Transportation — maritime, air and terrestrial — remains an area of significant activity, either by providing solutions or by participation in R&D and demonstration projects, with strong cooperation with the European Space Agency.

Emerging concerns about issues related to the environment, safety and forest fires provide opportunities for knowledge consolidation and seeking for innovative solutions in this important Strategic Area.


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