Information Technologies


It is a vital today's necessity that organisations can readily respond to the market needs, being capable to analyse, plan and react, quickly and immediately, to the emerging changes in the business conditions. For this to happen, it is necessary that the organisation possesses better information and is able to innovate, providing a basis for sustained growth.

The survival of any company depends on understanding of the business dynamics and customer behaviour, which allows to anticipate competitive scenarios and increase the ability to react timely. This goal can only be achieved enabling the information flows and processes in the key business to be controlled and refined, with emphasis on involving external connections with customers and partners.  it is in this area that the major impact on policies and development strategies is concentrated.

Within this framework, the INOV activity in the IT area aims to investigate the inherent problems related to the role of the information systems in the organisation's context and to transfer the developed theoretical research into the business practice, either through the provision of advisory services or by system development and integration.

During the past few years INOV achieved significant progress in assistance, consulting, integration and development of IT systems for a broad range of pubic and private entities. This made possible to create a solid team of specialists of high technical competence and maturity that is able to grow in a sustainable way, ensuring the quality of services and developed systems.

INOV conducts its activity in the IT area along the following strategic directions:

› Information Systems; 

› Open Source Software (OSS);

› Engineering of business and organisation processes;

› Configuration Management and Testing Software;

› Accessibility and Digital Inclusion. 

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