With a team of highly qualified researchers and engineers, tools for simulation and design of circuits, laboratories for development and testing, we conduct our projects in electronics from design to complete prototype and pre-certification testing.

The Area of Electronics also incorporates the activities on technical help and product engineering, whose mission is to provide technical support to the entire institution. Covering diverse activities, this support involves persons with several different skills composing the team. Among our competences, we want to highlight the following:


• CAD (elaboration of the circuit boards, from the electrical diagram to delivery, treating the problems of EMC, power lines, dissipation, etc.);

• Codification (cataloging of components to allow the intelligent management);

• Manufacture of modules (assembling small series or mounting specification for the series of required modules);

• Installation (logistics and in-place implementation);

• Development support (documentation and/or circuit analysis, helping to develop the quality control of the projects);

• Mechanical projection and design.

The activities related to Customer Care, Maintenance and Technical Support constitute an integral part of the INOV competence within the Area of Electronics.

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