Information and communication technology (ICT&E) is increasingly present in every angle of our daily live. On one hand, people directly depend on ICT&E to access information, access services, communicate with each other or simply make their life easier. On the other hand, people indirectly depend on ICT that is used by organizations to increase their efficiency, to provide innovative services, to communicate with customers, and to control sophisticated industrial processes, etc.. In order to quickly respond to market pressure, organizations adopt new and disruptive technologies into their environments, often unknowingly increasing their exposure to cyber attacks, and consequently exposing their customers. 

INOV conducts research in the field of cybersecurity in the areas such as: 


› Intrusion Detection – researching new approaches to detect attacks against critical infrastructures, INOV has developed an innovative solution (patent pending) that can detect new and unknown advanced attacks;

› Mobile Security – applying advanced cryptographic techniques and customized communication protocols to increase mobile application security in the absence of trustable hardware secure elements.


Besides its research activity, INOV provides the cybersecurity services such as: 


› Security Testing – our professional team tests organization’s;

› Cyber Forensics – during and after a security incident, INOV computer forensics services assists our customers in the identification of the origin of attacks and evaluating its consequences;  

› Security Advisory – provides our partners specialized advice regarding implementing cybersecurity programs, acquiring technology, evolving their IT infrastructure, deploying new services, and handling cybersecurity incidents.

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