Complex Systems


INOV created a multidisciplinary team in its Complex Systems unit with the main objective to respond to the current need of solving complicated problems posed by its clients.

This research unit has been addressing the major challenges through a unified approach that combines computing with dynamic models of distinctly evolutionary nature. This ansatz enables one to explore solutions often unachievable with traditional methods. Among various tools applied, special notion is given to those based on multi-agent and natural computing systems.

The provided services are mainly directed to solving problems of highly complex nature, often intractable, and identification of challenging solutions, in which the tools applied are used as facilitating agents. Among the sectors that most have resorted to our services are Health (signal processing), Banking (credit scoring and optimization) and Transport (automatic optimization and planning fleets and harbouring).

It should be noted that INOV has its own methodology, based on multidisciplinary convergence of diverse elements. Whenever a particular problem requires an expert outside current INOV stuff or established research consortium, the search for elements with the right skills, at both national and international scopes, is initiated immediately.


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