The Strategic Area of Communications integrates diverse expertise, particularly in the development of applications, services and platforms, as well as in the field of telecommunications system management, operation and technical assistance.

Several projects targeting at medium and large enterprises - national and international leaders in telecommunications - have been developed, which enabled INOV to gain technologies in the area of dedicated voice and data communications, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), digital multiplexers and concentrators for commutation centres, wireless local area networks, mobile GSM/GPRS and UMTS networks, as well as in the domain of broadband and IP communications.

In this Strategic Area we also have high expertise in speech technology, developing innovative systems for national companies, with particular emphasis on the synthesis and automatic recognition of the Portuguese speech. Here we keep the Universal Design philosophy in order to meet the requirements from end users with special needs.

Other aspects of the activity include the development of terminal equipment and interfunctioning units of for different access networks.

The Area of Telecommunications has been also represented in several projects within the framework of the Sixth Framework European Programme, Information Society Technologies (IST): in the area of IP networks with QoS support, MPEG transmission in wired and wireless IP networks, PLC networks, mobile and wireless networks, and even sensor networks.

Know-how dissemination through actions of specialized technical consultancy for telecommunications equipment operators and manufacturers, as well as the advanced training services, is yet another INOV activity in the Area.

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