Product Development


The product development activity at INOV resulted from the need to gain an internal capacity to transform the prototypes developed within projects into replicable and commercializable products. The activity acquired even higher importance in view of limited offer of such services in Portugal, particularly in the area of electronics. Corresponding modus operandi involves several tasks that are necessarily linked to achieve the objective, which can be grouped in the following sets:


› CAD for Electronics

With several years' experience of work with the Menthor Graphics® package, INOV brings together a team that specializes in PCB (printed circuit board) design for use in projects involving development and/or integration of electronic components.

Facing the high number of external requests, INOV began to offer a professional CAD design service for electronics, especially for customers who need to produce boards of high degree of complexity, being confident in the high quality of the development.



The passage from a functional prototype to a massively replicable product involves, among others: search and choice of components and materials that meet best the production needs, both in terms of functionality and costs; ability of full characterization of the product in terms of its various components (mechanical, electronic, software); and capacity of producing documentation that contains all the information necessary to manufacture the product.

INOV now has a team that ― starting from its experience ― has developed skills and coordination needed to ensure the implementation of these activities, aiming to achieve the required production quality at the lowest cost.


Laboratory tests

The increasing demand of the European Community on the quality of products sold in Europe has forced manufacturers to pay ever growing attention to complying with the regulations in force.

In line with this concern, INOV develops capacity of in-house tests that extend from the simple assessment of the functionality of a component to the pre-certification tests

For this purpose, INOV created a central laboratory, equipped with the instrumentation set necessary to provide basic electrical and functional tests as well as a test room capable of measuring the robustness of the equipment with respect to: certain ambient conditions (salt fog, temperature, and humidity); EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) - emission and conducted/radiated immunity, electrostatic discharges and power surges; and electrical safety.

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