Advanced Training


INOV possesses highly qualified and specialized human resources that have been consolidated over several years ― including its acting as a part of INESC and the already long period of its existence as an independent entity ― through significant and continuing training effort in particular technological areas. The participation of these employees in national and European R&D projects, co-financed or bilateral with the national and international economic partners as well as collaboration of INOV researchers with various higher education institutions in teaching activities assure the high level and quality of advanced training.

INOV established several cooperation agreements with various entities of the scientific and technological system to combine and supplement the skills, aiming at the renewal of the technological portfolio and monitoring the state-of-the-art of emerging technologies with strong market potential. Acting this way, INOV can provide actions and advanced training within the framework of customizable models, in the following areas:

› Organizational engineering;

› Communications;

› Cybersecurity.

Other Locations
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