Technological Contribution in EU Project: Ecossian


ECOSSIAN - European Control System Security Incident


The mission of ECOSSIAN is to improve the detection and management of highly sophisticated cyber security incidents and attacks against critical infrastructures by implementing a pan-European early warning and situational awareness framework with command and control facilities

Principle objectives of the ECOSSIAN project are to:


• Establish and improve the state of situational awareness, helping operators to implement Security Operations Centres (O-SOC);

• Combine Member States’ O-SOCs in an infrastructure: National Security Operation Centre (N-SOC);

• Improve the effectiveness of decision-making and incident response capabilities in Member States through real-time situational awareness and information sharing;;

• Support a pan-European early-warning entity through the connection of Member States N-SOC to a European Security Operation Centre (E-SOC)

• Build trusted relationships and engage the CI operators at the EU level, encouraging collaboration in responding to cyber incidents.

INOV set of contributes to the advanced threat detection technologies with its intrusion detection system ( BPIDS ) adapting it to various industrial environments. INOV leads the work package responsible for the integration of dozens of developed and refined in ECOSSIAN technologies and the preparation of financial statements.


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