Smart Cities


Nearly 70% of Europeans live in urban areas. Therefore cities play a role of large centres of consumption of transportation, energy, and other resources. Nowadays cities are increasingly evolving from such consumption grounds to sustainable spaces, focused on people, where the well-being and attractiveness are the ultimate goals of policies and resulting projects to be implemented.

The use of Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies (ICT&E) as base tools for collection, transmission and processing of information is, in this context, a crucial factor in creation of knowledge and availability of fast-acting tools for preventing waste of resources, by building efficient solutions in different sectors of services, as well as the assets necessary for urban life.

The INOV activity focuses mainly on ICT&E, possessed knowledge, relevant technologies and expertise required to create solutions for smart cities and communities. The most illustrious are projects and technologies developed for areas such as energy management, transport management, the health aspect and welfare (active and assisted living) and methodologies for analysing large volumes of heterogeneous information.

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