The sector of ICT&E (Information and Communication Technologies & Electronics), as well as the innovation introduced by these technologies in other sectors of the economy, increasingly influences and positively impacts the economic growth, particularly in the advanced economies.

Since its beginning, the INOV activity has always been focused on ICT&E, which has resulted in a large number of partnerships with higher education institutions and other research entities, businesses and public authorities. Besides that, INOV maintains its own staff with specific expertise, which allows the institute to be positioned as a privileged supplier of R&D services and technology transfer, particularly, of those associated with high TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels).

For the ICT&E sector, INOV can provide expertise in different technological areas, such as cyber security, Internet of things, electronics (fast, power, analogue, and embedded systems), complex systems, organizational engineering, complementing the offer with access to research of recognized merit. Such skills and established relationships support a wide set of services provided by INOV.

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