Health and Wellbeing


The Health sector is in a phase of great changes and transformations. The constant advances in technologies, methods and processes to combat diseases are enabling people to have higher life expectancy and stay active for longer period of time.

This longevity and the consequent extension of active life bring about other requirements that ensure the well-being and adequate quality of life ― for which the health systems have neither dimensioned nor even prepared.

Jointly with these developments comes the need to support associated costs as well as to design and implement sustainability strategies in health systems, in particular the public ones.

New approaches have to encompass and improve such areas as prevention, early diagnosis and detection, as well as AAL (active and assisted living). The sector of Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies play a central role in these aspects, positioning the INOV as a valued partner in creating new products, processes or services in these areas, also supporting their transfer to the economic fabric.


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