The concept of Bioeconomy arose from the need for wider use of renewable resources. It is understood as an economy using biological resources from land and sea, as well as wastes, as sources for production of energy or nutriments to be consumed by humans or animals. It also covers the use of bio-based processes to enable sustainable industries. It is important to note that Bioeconomy is linked to environmental protection and biodiversity, and represents one of the factors supporting sustainability.

This kind of economic activity is based mainly on research in biology, ICT&E, electronics and materials sciences. INOV has been participating in R&D projects and developing technologies based on ICT&E, applicable to different sectors of Bioeconomy, such as energy micro-generation from renewable sources, food production (by introducing sensors or automation to the processes), monitoring crops (e.g., growth of grass or detection and assessment of algae), fishing activities or environmental protection (for example, forest fire detection).

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